A little about us

Tuk Away is a young company with an innovative and differentiated attitude in the universe of tourist animation companies operating in Portugal.

Focused on activities of a playful and cultural nature, it imposed from the beginning the adoption of a unique business posture that aims, as a priority, to provide a unique tourist experience to all visitors who honor us with their choice.

Committed to divulging the multiplicity of the cultural, historical and visual wealth of the city of Lisbon, Tuk Away, it creates the bonds of affection between the visitor and the city, promoting its heritage and the personal enrichment of those who seek it, through a Offering itineraries that best describe the past and the present of the city of Lisbon, by including a cultural and museological component in its itineraries that has no reflection on the other operators of this type of vehicles.












44 Years Old

Paulo Maria

e embraced the creation project of Tuk Away as a challenge that radically broke with his academic background. Graduated in Law, he has always been passionate about the History of Lisbon and transmitting this knowledge to all who visit it. Communicator par excellence, saw in the tourist animation a vehicle of communication and dissemination of the cultural heritage of the city that saw him born. Among the various functions he has in Tuk Away, he is responsible for the Animation and Historical Formation area of Tuk Away, Communication and Image.

39 Years Old


Creator of the idea of Tuk Away and committed to ensuring high quality standards and a diverse cultural offer, this Lisbon degree in economics, imposed from the beginning a unique orientation in the world of tourist entertainment companies. The change in his way of life has given him the opportunity to spread the art of well-being that is typically Portuguese, creating experiences for Tuk Away customers that are hardly forgotten. Using the various IT platforms and social networks to share the stories and comments of those who use Tuk Away to get to know the city of Lisbon, he is responsible for the customers and Marketing area of the company.

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